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The Center for Research in Optics A.C. has a program of guided tours aimed for Institutions of Higher Education with majors related to our graduate programs (Electronics Engineering, Mechanics, Electromechanics, Computer Systems, and Exact Sciences), which consists of exhibiting the activities that take place at CIO, therefore students can broaden their view of the science and technology in the country, and encourage their interest to continue with the studies and preparation that a Graduate Program offers.

The requirements for a Guided Tour are:

Send a scanned petition on letterhead (PDF file) via e-mail to, signed and with the official seal of your University, addressed to Dr. Luis Armando Diaz Torres (Director of Graduate Studies Office), with the number of students attending, their major and current semester, and the name of the teacher responsible of the group. Las visitas guiadas se realizan de lunes a viernes durante todo el año (días hábiles del CIO) comenzando a las 10:00 am el recorrido.


Last Update: Jan 12, 2024