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The Aguascalientes Unit of CIO reinforces the presence of the Center in the productive, industrial, academic, and scientific areas of the state, Aguascalientes City and regions of influence.


The Optical Research Center A. C. is a public center that aims to develop basic and applied research on the fields of optics and photonics, in order to contribute with the scientific community efforts to push the borders of scientific knowledge and apply it to the productive and social sectors of México. The center also contributes with high level human development, development and transfer of technology, and awareness of the Mexican society towards science and technology.

According to our mission, the strategic objectives of CIO are:

  • Contribute to scientific knowledge through theoretical and experimental research on optics and closely related areas.
  • Strengthen the scientific and technological capacity of the country through technical training and graduate programs with international competence.
  • Contribute to the technological growth of the country through the development and transfer of technology.
  • Contribute to the development of a scientific and technological culture in the Mexican society through dissemination and diffusion of scientific knowledge.


CIO aims to be an excellence research center, with national leadership and international recognition on the endless growth of optics and photonics, taking a leadership position in the development of science and technology in México.

Last Update: June 27, 2018