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The objective of the Center’s graduate programs and undergraduate activities is the specialized formation and update of high level human capital in the field of optics.

  • About our Graduate Programs

Currently, we have three graduate programs:

  • PhD in Optical Sciences.
    Program in the category of "Competent at International Level".
  • Master of Science (Optics).
    Program in the category of "Competent at International Level".
  • Master in Optomechatronics.
    Program in the category of "Consolidated".

These graduate programs are all part of the National Program of Quality Graduate Studies from the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACY). This program in our country is a consolidated model that acknowledges the graduate programs that have basic academic nucleuses, high graduate rates, necessary infrastructure, and high scientific or technological productivity, which enables them to achieve the appropriateness of its operation and optimum results.

Furthermore, in partnership with six other CONACYT centers CIO develops the Interinstitutional Post- graduate Studies in Science and Technology (PICYT), at the Master’s and Doctoral levels.

CIO has a collaboration program with de Division of Science and Engineering of the University of Guanajuato, to teach the courses of the Bachelors programs in Physics and Physics Engineering. In addition, since 2015 CIO started a joint program on Optomechatronics with the Technologic University of Leon, such program aims to prepare specialized human resources in the field of optomechatronics to attend the growing demand in the automotive and aircraft industries

Additionally students from other national or international Institutions of Graduate Education may carry out at CIO various activities while being advised by our institution’s researchers such as research internships, thesis development, professional internships, and scientific summers, among others.

  • Some of our Relevant Scores

  • More than 500 students have received a degree at CIO
  • 60% of our Doctoral alumni are part of National System of Researchers (SNI)
  • Our Library has about 19, 000 copies of specialized information
  • Our professors-researchers annually teach over 100 courses
  • On average, annually 300 students from different Institutions of Graduate Education carry out some academic project at CIO. (Thesis, scientific summer, internship, etc.)
  • We have received in our graduate programs students from practically all the states of Mexico, 7 countries of the American continent, and 2 countries of the African continent.
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Last Update: Jan 12, 2024