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Master in Optomechatronics

  • Master in Optomechatronics

Its objective is to generate human resources at a master’s level with theoretical and practical knowledge, capable of developing opto-mechanic, opto-electronic, opto-computer and / or opto-mechatronic systems that have a technological impact on the regional and national industry.

The program consists of 6 terms. Its whole duration is 24 months. This program started operating in the year 2007 and is already part of the National Program of Quality Studies (PNPC) of the National Council of Science and Technology, under the category of: “Consolidated”.

Detailed information of our M.O. program:

  • Admission and Alumni Profile

Admission Profile: A bachelor of engineering in Mechatronics, Mechanics, Electronics, Electromechanics, Electrical, Computer Science, Cybernetics, Physics, Applied Mathematics, and related fields.

Graduate profile: A student graduating from the Master’s Degree in Optomechatronics program has the knowledge, initiative and creativity that will allow him to adequately integrate Optics with Electronics, Mechanics and Computer Science to address the solution of technological problems. He also possesses verbal communication and team work skills, along with the ability to develop technological projects and see them through. As a result of his training, he displays intellectual openness attitudes that allow him to adapt to the changing circumstances of his professional activity.

Last Update: March 1, 2019