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Request reports, scores and transcripts

  • Request reports, scores and transcripts

To request one of the documents, please fill in the questionnaire below. Once completed you will receive a confirmation email with the date that the document will be ready for pick up.

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This service is free of charge. Report any abnormality to the Ministry of Public Administration (Secretaria de la Funcion Publica) through the Internal Body of Control (Organo Interno de Control) at Digital Form for Complaints and/or Reports

Date of Request: Tuesday June 18, 2024


  • CIO's Current Graduate Student

  • Alumni of CIO Graduate Programs

  • External student (professional service, thesis advising, internship, etc.)

  • Researcher

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  • Letter of taught courses

  • Verification of regular student

  • Verification of enrollment

  • Transcript

  • Verification of graduation requirements completed or of degree's official documents pending (graduate students)

  • Letter of discharge (external student)

  • ID Replacement

  • Others

  • Verification of external student activities

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