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  • Technology Products

We are supported by more than 34 years of experience of our highly qualified personnel carrying out services, advice and consultancy in all areas related with optical design and manufacturing.

  • Astronomical Instrumentation

    Optical instrumentation designing, manufacturing and coating for astronomy applications, such as reflector and refractor telescopes, spectrometers and precision optical components that meet customer specifications.

  • Special Optics

    Optical manufacturing for special projects, covering specifications requested by industries or institutions.

  • Precision Optics

    Our experience covers the manufacturing of high precision optics in all kind of optical glasses, crystals and some metals that will meet the tighten tolerances requested in science, industry and commerce.

  • Optical Components

    We specialize in the manufacturing of lenses, doublets, first flat and curve surfaces mirrors, prisms, etc., meeting customer quality and requirements.

  • Thin Films

    Our engineering staff and expert team, works developing your custom thin film optical coating requirements, providing you with high quality and efficiency coatings for science, industry and commercial applications. Our capacity covers surfaces up to 300 mm for lenses and 800 mm on mirrors.

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Last Update: July 30, 2018