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Raman Spectroscopy

At CIO Aguascalientes, basic research has been conducted in the field of bio photonics. In this sense spectroscopy has been used to analyze samples of both, animal and vegetable origin under particular conditions. To complement spectroscopic analysis, the SERS technique has been employed to characterize this kind of samples. By means of Raman spectroscopic technique several materials have been characterized, such as semiconductors, textile fibers, oxides, plastics and materials used in artworks.

For the characterization of semiconductors, resonant Raman spectroscopy and the polarization of light have been exploited to measure roughness in the order of a few nanometers. In the case of textile fibers, Raman spectroscopy and the polarization of light have been used to sort out different kinds of textile fibers; finding out if they have some type of coating.

Using laser irradiation, oxides have been generated and part of their characterization has been done by means Raman spectroscopy. In the area of artworks, several materials have been characterized, such as paper and pigment. This characterization can be complemented with colorimetric techniques that allow discriminating areas of different colors; in virtue of this, for example, it was able to identify the materials in the watercolors of the Alfredo Dugès Natural History Museum.

In addition to the spectroscopic studies, some works has been done in the area of physical optics, conducting basic research to generate several types of spatial filters. The various aforementioned studies have been conducted in collaboration with other institutions, conforming thus a multidisciplinary group.

Last Update: June 27, 2018