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Laboratory of optical microscopy (LMO)

  • Laboratory of optical microscopy (LMO)

The LMO lab is open to everyone whom is interested in researching areas as optics, biology, materials, chemistry and medical. The LMO it is equipped with the most used devices to visualize organic and inorganic samples. The facility it is open to all CIO´s researchers and students, and is accessible to outside groups upon request.

The laboratory is now equipped with last generation microscopes to imaging samples by fluorescence principle or perform spectral analysis: epi-fluorescence microscope (Olympus), spectrometer microscope (Renishaw) with AFM capabilities and LSMO 710 NLO confocal/multiphotonic microscope.

In particular the laser scanning microscopy, patented in the 50s, today represents one of the techniques standards on life sciences, as well as in materials science. Lasers with different wavelengths are used to excite specific fluorophores located in a sample, and the information of the light intensity emitted by each scanned point on the sample is analyzed and used to reconstruct a three dimensional image of the observed area.

The LSM 710 NLO microscope from Zeiss, it is state of the art equipment that allows combining IR, VIS and near UV lasers in many configurations aimed to render efficient high-resolution images. The system includes an ultrafast multiphoton laser to form microscopy images by two-photon principle. The excitation microscopy of one photon (confocal mode) and multiphoton provides two complementary ways to generate optical sections. Biological samples, fixed or alive, unstained or stained, with thickness up to some hundreds of microns can be analyzed with the LSM 710 microscope available in this laboratory.

Besides the study of biological samples, the microscope could be used in the imaging of several materials".

For more information please contact:

Dr. Mauricio Flores Moreno
Location: Edificio D, #687
Tel.: +52 (477) 441 4200 ext. 357

Last Update: Nov 17, 2022