Dr. Luis Armando Díaz Torres

Position: Investigador Titular C
Indexed Publications: More than 90, Citations: more than 1200
Advised Thesis: 8 Engineering and Physics Baccalaureates, 3 Master in Science, 5 Doctor in Science (Optics), 1 Doctor in Materials Science
Advised Postdocs: 1
Google Scholar: Google Scholar

His research focuses the on synthesis, characterization, and application of novel and advanced phosphor materials, amorphous and crystalline, from nano-scale to bulk. Recently, has started research on nanostructured composites for Hydrogen generation and artificial photosynthesis. His research group GEMANA currently works on novel luminescent materials for white light generation, photonic sensing of viruses and bacteria, and upconversion Nanophosphors for biological labeling. All these new materials are developed at the Nanostructured Materials Lab and Advanced Materials Lab of CIO. The funding for his research comes from government and industry grants. He has been part of the Researchers teams that funded several laboratories since his incorporation at CIO in 1998, among these are: The Spectroscopy Lab and the Materials Lab in 2000; the Advanced and Nanostructured Materials Lab in 2009; and the Biophotonics Lab in 2009. As a result of his collaborative efforts with researchers from both CIO and other National and International research centers, since 2010 he has become the Leader of Spectroscopy of Advanced and Nanostructured Materials Group (Grupo de Espectroscopia de Materiales Avanzados y Nanoestructurados, GEMANA). Recently he has been involved in the startup of the new Electron Microscopy lab and the Materials Characterization Lab at CIO (2014), both of which work on a Facility Mode to serve CIO researches as well as external industry and academic requests. He also has established the new Photocatalysis and Artificial Photosynthesis Lab at CIO in 2014. He has been member of the National System of Researchers (SNI) at Mexico since 1999 and currently holds the Level III title. He is member of several scientific associations: the Mexican society of Physics (SMF), the Mexican Association of Optics (AMO), the Electrochemical Society of America, the Optical Society of America (OSA) and the SPIE. Since 2011 has been member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. Since 1999 has been member of the Mexican society of Crystallography (SMCr). Together with several researchers established in 2000 the Guanajuato Division of this society at the Guanajuato State, and since then has been the society Delegate at this State.

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