Dr. Carlos Antonio Pineda Arellano

Position: CONACYT Researcher
Personal WEB or group page: Grupo de Investigación e Ingeniería en Energía Solar

Personal information:

He is a Chemical Engineer from the Universidad Autonoma de Morelos and a PhD in Chemical Technology from the same Institution, carried out 4 years of postdoctoral stay in the Instituto de Energias Renovables-UNAM, both projects were developed in the Laboratorio Nacional de Concentracion Solar y Quimica Solar, working directly in Solar Chemistry projects. Carlos Pineda, PhD., has experience in the design of reactors and solar collectors and in the synthesis and characterization of photocatalytic materials for the use of the solar resource in order to generate alternative fuels, treatment of contaminants in aqueous systems through photocatalysis and solar chemistry systems.

Research Interests:

Recent publications: