Dr. Abundio Dávila Álvarez

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Dr. Abundio Dávila Álvarez started his training in optics as a Bachelor in Physics at the UANL (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León) in 1982, joining the Master in Sciences program in Applied Physics at CICESE (Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada) in 1986, and carried out his Ph.D. research at Loughborough University U. K. in 1996, he has since worked as Researcher at the “Centro de Investigaciones en Optica”, León México. He is well known for his expertise in Speckle Interferometry, particularly applied to the study of dynamics events with over 33 journal articles in optics. His main experience is in the following areas of optics: Speckle Interferometry, Speckle Noise Reduction, Transient Event Analysis, Phase Extraction, Fatigue Analysis, Diffraction, Apodization, Self-Imaging, Wavelength Scanning Interferometry, Vortex Interferometry, and Super-Resolution Microscopy for Nano-Structures Analysis. He has also obtained experience in Image Processing, and specialized in Fringe Processing Algorithms. Four Mexican projects on Speckle Metrology have been developed, and in his international projects, he has participated in two main projects funded by the EPSRC at the Wolfson School of the Loughborough University: “Optimization of Phase Extraction Techniques from Dynamic Phase Shifting Interferometer” GR/N22380/01 (2000-2001), and “3-D Strain field mapping of Scattering media Using Wavelength Scanning Interferometry with Applications to Damaged Composites” EP/F02861X/1 (2008-2011). He has obtained more than 383 citations from the published papers with an h index of 12.

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