Special Symposium

August 30, 2017

Biomedical applications of Terahertz Radiation

Organizers: Pratik Shah (MIT Media Lab), Enrique Castro-Camus (CIO)

We are pleased to announce this special event that will take place Wednesday 30, 17:30hrs. In it a number of invited speakers will discuss not only recent progresses in the uses of terahertz radiation in biomedical applications, but also the perspectives in the mid and long term for this technology. The symposium is sponsored by the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology MISTI program in collaboration with Centro de Investigaciones en Optica A.C. and includes the speakers listed below who bring together expertise both in the field of terahertz, medical imaging and clinical data processing.

Peter Siegel (California Institute of Technology) Millimeter - And Submillimeter-Wave
Applications In Biology And Medicine:
Potential And Challenges
Zach Taylor (University of California at LA) THz Imaging As An Adjunct
For T2 Weighted Magnetic
Resonance Imaging
Magda O. El-Shenawee (University of Arkansas) Statistical Signal Processing
For Quantitative Assessment Of Pulsed
Terahertz Imaging Of
Human Breast Tumors
Hassan Rivaz (Concordia University) Estimation Of Deformable
Transformation Between
Medical Images
Lauren O'Donnell (Harvard Medical School) Diffusion Imaging Of The
Brain For Mapping Of
White Matter Tracts:
Correlation Of Structure
And Function